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HeidiW Heidi wrote on at :
I've loved Sam from the first cutscene in TR2013. Her interactions with Lara represented something so rarely seen in mainstream, AAA gaming even to this day -- two strong, compelling female characters supporting each other. She brought a bit of light to Lara, allowing us to see a glimpse of Lara's character that we otherwise wouldn't have been privy too -- and that absence was sadly felt in Rise of the Tomb Raider. But all isn't lost! Though CD clearly don't know what to do with her character or are fearful of incurring backlash from a small but vocal minority of haters, she still waits in the wings for an opportunity to shed a bit of light once more into Lara's soul.
Admin Reply by: SaveSamN
I feel the same, Sam is such an interesting character. Rise was lacking of that sweet human touch she brought in TR. I hope you're right and that we'll be able to draw CD's attention!