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    I suspect neither one of these girls is much of an accomplished chef, but who has the edge?


    That’s a tough question. After working at Nine Bells, I’m sure Lara makes amazing cocktails that Sam is more than happy to try!

    Regarding the food, I think I saw a Tweet from Gail saying Sam would watch The Great British Baking show and try to do the same without much success so I’m pretty sure it’s a tie and they stick with the basics ^^


    I easily can imagine Sam causing a kitchen fire with her cooking mishaps. 😀

    I think Lara might be a better cook…


    “SAaAaammmmm~~ your cooking is messy~” Lara laughed chimingly “I look up barely a second and three new splatters have been added to the wall – why dont you come sit down and let me take over”

    And indeed the kitchen looked like a train wrecked it into 3 quarters of the cleanliness it once was – except it was a sam train. All three walls to both the left right and back side of sam had been window sprayed in pancake splatters.
    To make matters worse the back wall was decored in Windows and well…slider doors that led to the patio.

    Im pretty sure the neighbors can see sams antics from here, she always seems to know how to turn cooking into a rock concert comedy act‘ Lara thought to herself murmeringly before slightly dodging a pancake splatter that zoomed over her head purposely now that she looked up at sam’s reprimandingly mischevious face.

    Red spatula in hand, Dark brownish black hair soaking up the light from the outter sun – the way she wore that white and red checkered apron neatly around her tight curvy waist made lara choke a bit and forget how to speak – but it was mainly sams eyes – Sam’s sparkling dark and misty eyes matched the colour of her tshirt -grey in nature yet as warm as her heart- as she splayed pearly whites mischeviously in a biting manner towards the cowering archaeologist now hidden behind the studies of her Orion’s Mythology book and old clunky gray acer computer ‘ i really need to get a new one ‘ lara studied precariously side tracked for a minute

    “Hey, im doing this to get better at my housewifing Career and you Miss ORIon Connection Study-il-lizer will love being treated by the EVEr so Gracious Sam Nishimura everytime you come home from a sweatbreaking dig” and as you could imagine Sam was lavishing dramatically around the kitchen with each word of her sentence before somehow ending up on Lara’s lap draped halfway across her – both arms hanging off lara’s smoooooth neck ‘were gonna kiss that later~‘ noted Sam~

    Lara just rolled her eyes humorously hardly unaware of her neck following the sane uncounscious gesture; “Sam youre not meant to be a housewife and i think we all know that – you should come on my next dig with me – somewhere nice, somewhere relaxing – just to get you back out there again”

    Her Gaze faultered on Sams pale beige pinkish lips, those lips ‘i want so badly to kiss them, to touch them and trace my fingers across their intricate and smooth edges – but nows not the time Lara – Sam obviously needs some pep talking to motivate her into getting out on the town more – she used to love getting out on the town! But not anymore…not after yama-‘ lara’s thoughts were interrupted by those lips ‘sams’ angelic lips … Opening.

    “Orrrrrrr~~~ we could host our next dig in the kitchen and not go out! How about that? How does that sound? You me and the nosy neighbours!” It wasn’t helping that Sam was leaning in closer with each Word – and it definently didnt help that Sam was still trying to get out of facing her fears – ‘ all this energy shes building up by keeping herself in all day ; it cant be healthy

    So Lara voiced the first words of wisdom that came to her mind in order to maybe ‘try to inspire’ Sam to ‘explore new Horizons’ in order to face and fight her embellishing Demons “Sammm~~ youre not going to get better if you keep locking yourself inside your whole life – youve got to take steps – women our age – should be exploring new horizons”

    Sam saw through her bullcrap However, sam’s always had that ‘Knack’
    “You got that from your counselor didnt you?”

    Defeated lara slumped her head down with her shoulders “Yes”

    Soon Sam’s arms slipped off despite Lara’s hidden whimper for it to come back – sitting beside Lara on the white leather couch sams body slumped down to her knees as she began to emotionally divulge herself to Lara for the first time in a while. She tries to Avoid barraging her emotions unto Lara from time to time, lara has enough on her plate you know? But Sam also knows Lara cares deeply for her and she’d give anything to make the world a fantasy for her – give anything to hear her speak ‘perhaps its just me, perhaps im the one trying to avoid my feelings…avoid the world~‘ Sam ahaked her head as tk get the dark thoughts out of it.
    But Lara’s Studious.
    And she knew ahe caught it.
    Lifting her eyes slowly Sam met Lara’s, Hands folded nervously inbetween both her knees.
    She began to speak
    Honestly, truthfully – yet, treadingly, nervously;
    “Lara, i just , i cant see myself ever wanting to get out there…ever wanting to travel again or take pho-photos, being a housemaid is all im good for for now – no one wants to hire a girl with ptsd and no viablly logical explanation for it – lara, my public life is over – i feel like no one looks at me the same and im always paranoid everytime i step out of the house”

    ‘So this is what she’s been hiding…this is why she bakes and cooks and broils things she definently cant make par to the instructions so often – its how she deals with her demons. Its how she runs, yet she doesnt want to run and i know it – how great would it be if she could record herself while cooking but not once has she touched a camera in a year and thus extrally; 2 months! It’s how she keeps herself in and ive been allowing it for far too long, she has so much more potential than this and i want to show her that what happened in Yamatai doesnt define her whole existence!~’
    And so Lara set her mouth before her thoughts – letting them seep out like whispy river water trickling onto fair Nishimura skin – and maybe…just maybe….itll soak in;
    ” no it isnt, you can do this, you can get better, you love taking pictures sam so
    dont ever give up on your photography dreams i cant let you! I wont let you – sAam, i miss my photography sessions with you – you havent taken a photo in months – why are you so scared of the camera?”

    Suddenly Sam bounced up and down causing friction in the leather, Anxiety , her anxiety is coming back – suddenly lara’s protectiveness switched on a bit as her eyes flashed attentively in the dorection of sams face – her antics almost perky in nature
    “I just, i just cant have it in our home lara – i cant do it.”

    The anticipation of Sam’s possible breakdown shown in the concerned exasperation of Lara’s voice;
    “What the camera? Well throw it out! Well get you a new one~” and at the end a mellowed concern as lara’s hand rested upon sams shoulder tentatively

    Shaking her head violently sam rocked back and forth biting the fingernails on her thumbs
    “No…no…not that. The film, the the film lara”

    Confused lara suddenl-
    “What fil-oooooohhhhh~”
    And it all came rushing back to her, the film that got her through all her hardships on the surfaces of Yamatai’s foreign lands – the people long forgotten…all the people she loved as if a makeshift family…on thay film. Lara could see why Sam was ever so hesitant to bring it up – yet she was falling apart and lara would do anything…anything…to piece her back together. That Film..
    Sam…..is the reason she is alive today.
    Sam kept her going in spirit.
    ‘And i need to keep her going now~’

    Sam confirmed Lara’s thoughts cautiously yet passionately in the whisps of emotion that drained from her airpipes;
    “Ive been wanting to get rid of it for a long time but i know it helped you survive in yamatai and the thought of it still existing brings back memories and paranoia – but the thought of you losing the memory of the one thing that helped you cling o-”

    Protective nature taking over lara quickly faced a very surprised looking Sam over in her Direction, hands placed upon both of her shoulder s – voice now stern uet slowly softening into a more adorent one;
    “I clung unto you sam! I clung on to the thought of you – sweetie~ hunny~ why didnt you tell me this before? I would’ve burned it a year ago”

    Sam looked down at her lap fidgeting with her hands almost like a scorned child;
    “I just – i just – i dunno – lara, i – i need it gone before i can even think about moving on. It makes me worry about you all the time too – i know you get nightmares”

    ‘I dont like this, shes getting antsy’ lara just couldnt take her eyes off of Sam’s fidgeting hands and suddenly – without thought – tentatively placed her left hand upon sams fingers stroking them gently;
    “But i care about yours – so let’s take out the film – and ‘burn’ it”

    Sam had tears starting to bud around her eyes and lara reached up to wipe them tenderly away with her thumbs “like my cooking?” Sam began to laugh sadly, heartfully.

    Chuckling to herself lara’s eyes twinkled in turn with Sam’s a cheeky grin showing upon her face “yes…like your cooking”

    ‘Its just nice to see them pearly whites again~’


    Originally this was supposed to be just about cooking then it became angsty and now this is chapter one lol, but long story short lara thinks sges better at cooking but she really isnt when it comes down to it.
    Not the regular cooking that is.
    Lara has a knack for making ‘exotic’ foods.
    And sam…well…is sam xD
    Lara can make normal foid perfectly however since shes very detailed…but you know ~ she loves her adventuring~

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