Artist Interview: Why Sam matters to Jar-cup

We asked Jar-cup, who has her art featured on our site, why Sam matters and  what inspired her to draw her character, with or without Lara by her side.


1) Why do you like Sam?

She’s cute. When she’s not being possessed by an evil ghost, she’s probably the most normal character out of the series and that kind of makes her stand out. It makes her seem more grounded than the others.


2) Why do you like her relationship with Lara?

They just have a great relationship. Whether it’s romantic, platonic, or whatever, it’s good. Sam is so loyal to Lara that she’ll try her best to help Lara in anyway she can. And Lara would take down armies just to keep Sam safe. They also make cute foils for each other with their different personalities.


3) Why do you think Sam should come back and why it would benefit Lara and her story?

It just seems natural to have Sam around. Why wouldn’t she be with Lara? It’s been shown multiple times that Sam wants to stick around. She was also a fairly big focus in Tomb Raider (2013). Sam being gone is awkward writing, plain and simple. Besides, I think Lara, Sam, and Jonah being a team would be fun. At least for silly banter.


4) What inspired you to create arts on Sam and/or Sam and Lara?

I just draw what I like. I like Sam, I like Lara, I like Lara and Sam as a couple, so I draw it!


5) Any other comments?

Sam was originally supposed to die in Tomb Raider (2013), but the writers decided to keep her alive. The problem is that no one can seem to commit to that. She’s either a plot point, or she’s not in the story at all. That’s not how to treat a significant character. Crystal Dynamics, Dark Horse, and whoever else need to stick to their guns and have her at least a little involved in Lara’s adventures. If not, then what was the point of keeping her alive?