Fans love Sam for many reasons.

Sam brings something special to Lara’s story.

For us, Lara doesn’t have to be a one dimensional lone wolf, she can have friends and benefit from them. Sam helped Lara come out of her shell and realize her full potential and Lara gave back by believing in her when nobody else did.

Both women changed for the better because fate allowed them to meet that sunny day at University College London.

Sam is an interesting character.

We don’t only like Sam for the love and support she bring to Lara but also for her own qualities.

Sam is a driven woman, with a passion for video production. She is funny, smart and witty. She is so much more than a damsel in distress. She didn’t just wait for Lara to come and save her. She was able to steal a radio from a guard to contact her friend and make her way through the Solarii base on her own.

After Yamatai, Sam showed that she was a badass in her own way by taking down a man in a dark alley while armed only with a cupcake and most of all, she fought a battle of wills against Himiko and ultimately won because she refused to let the Sun Goddess hurt Lara.

Sam might not have Lara’s physical strength but she is more than resourceful. Where Lara is the hammer, Sam is the scalpel, and that’s why they make a wonderful team.

Sam Nishimura matters, to Lara, to her story and also to the Tomb Raider fandom.

Sam Nishimura, visual art

Here are some words from Fans that want Sam back:

In the latest poll done on Twitter by Pfangirl, a strong majority of voters wanted Sam back in the third Tomb Raider


By Heidi Hey, CRYSTAL DYNAMICS! I have a suggestion for you guys. It’s a bit long winded, but please bear with me — I


Sam is also a part of the "ship" known as the S.S. Endurance , developed around her relationship with Lara. The 20 years