Sam Nishimura, Lara Croft, comics, together always

We are a growing group of loving and enthusiastic Tomb Raider fans who have decided to unite in order to voice our desire to see the return of Sam Nishimura to the Tomb Raider franchise.

As both the official Square Enix Forums and the unofficial Tomb Raider Forums are so prevalent with hostility to Reboot Lara and everything associated with her, we decided to create our own decicated website that can be free of the hate, harassment and bullying so often found at these sites.

The “haters” have worked feversihly over the last three years to silence us, but this website will allow our voices to be heard by the people that matter, i.e., Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix.

So hop aboard, lend your voices (and power!) to this beautiful movement to give Lara something she’s lost — but can so easily regain.

Bring Sam Nishimura Back!