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Sam Nishimura is Lara Croft’s best friend in the Tomb Raider Reboot. Sam has gathered a large amount of fans since 2013 with the game and the subsequent comics. Sadly, her character had been marginalized and sidelined and we want her back.

We believe that Sam is an important part of Lara’s journey through TR2013 and Lara’s life in general. She deserves better than being pushed aside and Lara deserves an unfaltering friend in her life.

So if you share our love for Sam Nishimura and her special bond with Lara and you want her back in Lara’s life, you found the right place! Hop on board and help us spread the word: We want Sam Back!


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Latest Message: 3 months ago
  • Save Sam Nishimura : Shadow was released, Lara is not the one we used to love in the 2013 Reboot and Sam is gone, I guess it's over...
  • Save Sam Nishimura : The forum is off.
  • Save Sam Nishimura : To all the people who registered, don't be scared to post on the forum, it's for all of you
  • Save Sam Nishimura : and you're definitely right
  • Outsider716 : Lara needs Sam.I believe this.
  • Save Sam Nishimura : All the new profiles can now post in the forum
  • Save Sam Nishimura : The Ss endurance week is on! Enjoy
  • dreamel85 : Finally found a moment to start posting, thanks for creating the forum! Come join us guys!
  • Save Sam Nishimura : Guys, you asked for a forum, it would be nice if you could participate now that it's on...
  • Save Sam Nishimura : Exactly, she made her human, she made her loving...
  • Crowgale : Sam was the first character in a long time within the Tomb Raider framcise to give Lara development beyond her obsessions and family issues. MAKE HER ACTIVE IN THE FRANCISE!!!
  • Save Sam Nishimura : You can still post here when you have questions or remarks
  • Save Sam Nishimura : The forum is open, you can register and talk to everyone. Remember to post a few words about yourself =)
  • Heidi : It really did. Sam's presence humanized Lara and gave her character much-needed depth.
  • guest_554 : That run also had much more heart
  • Save Sam Nishimura : Working on the forum, but some options are harder to set up, so please, be patient
  • Heidi : I miss Rhianna/Gail's writing too...they showed that Lara HAD a life outside adventuring, and Sam was a huge part of that.
  • dreamel85 : Hey all, great job on the site! 😉 I agree with Deberzer, it would be nice to have a forum. 🙂
  • Save Sam Nishimura : Ohhh me me me! Even more today after the release of the last issue
  • akotkot : Who else misses the time when Gail Simone and Rhianna worked on their Tomb Raider run
  • Save Sam Nishimura : I think so too, she would find a way to ditch her mom's constant watching, grill their friends and just show up at Lara's manor, like binch, we have to talk but i'm moving in, where's your room
  • akotkot : It would also be out of character for Sam to not come seeking her friend.
  • Save Sam Nishimura : I thought Ana came out of nowhere when she was supposed to be in Lara's life for a while but Sam who we know was a part of Lara's life since Uni, was MIA for lame reasons.
  • Heidi : Which nothing ever came of, either in subsequent comics or Rise. Closest we got was a tabloid headline saying "Another crazy Croft".
  • Deberzer : Wasn't even just the Sam stuff, that was nonsensical. Also the "Oh, let me write all that unbelievable stuff to the newspaper without any proof on hands to back it up." What was the point?
  • Save Sam Nishimura : Regarding the comics, I don't think everything was bad, we had some nice Salara moments but Lara wouldn't have left Sam, like sure girl, stay in prison, gonna go take care of my daddy issues
  • Save Sam Nishimura : I'm gonna have more time soon and will work on it =)
  • Save Sam Nishimura : The forum is a big project, it requires a data base so people can log in and all
  • Deberzer : On another note: Wouldn't it be nice if the site had a proper forum where you can reply to other posts and have discussions? Current one seems to be more a guest book. Site's great otherwise.
  • Deberzer : Everything leading up to Rise was really out of character and so forced.
  • Save Sam Nishimura : It's true, she killed hundreds of men and didn't care about the free world as long as Sam was okay but she would just leave Sam behind without even a goodbye, that's not realistic
  • akotkot : Sam deserves better! Lara would NEVER leave her best friend behind. Fridging her needs to STOP.
  • Heidi : Keep spreading the word, guys...the more people take notice, the more Crystal Dynamics will!
  • Save Sam Nishimura : And we have to keep fighting, Sam deserves better and so does Lara
  • Save Sam Nishimura : We did it guys!
  • Deberzer : Thank you for keeping fighting for Sam.
  • Heidi : Huzzah!!!
  • Agraph : Hooray ! Great site !
  • Save Sam Nishimura : Welcome to the Chat, share your love!